A Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help You Through The Process

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In order for an individual to receive disability benefits, they must prove that they cannot work for at least a year due to a medical condition, and the process can be difficult to deal with. However, when you work with a social security disability attorney, you can be certain that you will get the help that you need to deal with the process. If you are in the process of filing for disability, hiring a social security disability attorney will give you the best chance of getting your benefits. There are social security attorneys that you will be able to rely on in order to fight your case in court properly. Finding a social security disability lawyer who is experienced is important because the paperwork can take some time to deal with and professionals will know how to do all of it. If there were no social security benefits, over one million elderly Florida residents would fall below the poverty line.

It was estimated that beginning in January 2013 that the over 50 million Americans receiving social security will get about $19 more a month. When you work with a social security disability attorney, they will know how to get you your money. There are social security lawyers that can help you deal with the whole process. If you are a veteran, there are veterans lawyers available to help you and working with the right veterans lawyer will give you the best results.

Social Security Attorneys Secure Your Entitlements

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Many Florida residents often wonder why they need to hire Social Security attorneys. After all, retirees have paid into Social Security and disability their entire working lives, and are owed what they are due. Why hire Social Security attorneys for what should be an entitlement? What can Social Security attorneys do to help?

The reason Floridians should hire Social Security attorneys is because Social Security is hard to get without them. One in three Floridians over 65 use Social Security as their only means of income, and without it, over one million Floridians would be in poverty. Furthermore, 85 percent of Social Security and disability claims are denied in Florida on first appeal.

Social Security disability attorneys can be an ally in this confusing system. Having worked with thousands of Floridians before on this issue, Social security disability lawyers know the law. They know that you are entitled to every penny you put into the system, and will make sure the government does not stand between you and your paycheck. For veterans, veterans lawyers can make sure you get the care you need.

The need for Social Security attorneys will only grow in the coming years. Already, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has the average life expectancy at a high of 78 years. By 2050, the number of Americans over 85 will grow from 5.7 million to 19 million. With these numbers, the need for Social Security lawyers has never been more real. More like this article.

Can Veterans Lawyers Be Hired Prior to Applying for VA Benefits?

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Q: Can veterans lawyers be hired to help with an initial application?

A: By law, veterans cannot enlist fee-based services of veterans lawyers until the regional office has provided a rating decision. The Veterans Administration will assure that veterans who need assistance with the initial application are provided that help, since veterans lawyers cannot be hired to help. Once a rating decision has been provided, veterans can have veterans lawyers review those decisions and help with further steps, if needed.

Q: What if a veteran disagrees with the effective date established by the rating decision?

A: The effective date assigned to a decision affects the amount of benefits a veteran will receive as back pay (otherwise known as retroactive benefits). It is important that veterans agree with the effective date assigned. Those who do not, should appeal to have the effective date they believe is correct assigned to their claims. Often veterans will accept an effective date they don’t agree with, simply because they were awarded benefits. But veterans should not settle for benefits less than what they believe they are entitled to. Veterans lawyers can help veterans who wish to appeal. There is no requirement that veterans hire lawyers to appeal, but having that legal assistance will assure that everything possible is being done to attain the correct effective date.

Q: Can a veteran also apply for Social Security disability benefits?

A: Yes, a veteran who is awarded VA benefits is also eligible to apply for Social Security disability insurance. Keep in mind that the VA and Social Security are two separate government agencies with two separate review processes and requirements. And being awarded benefits with the VA does not guarantee that you will be awarded Social Security benefits.