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Is Your Home Safe and Sound?

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Most of us are diligent with keeping our doors locked now a days, however statistics are pointing to the fact that we may need to enlist other resources for security as well. Every 14.6 seconds there is a burglary happening in the United States. These numbers point to the simple fact that we should be doing more than just locking our doors.

If your interested in some intriguing facts about burglaries, if your home is in the center of the block you may be more likely to be robbed. We don’t really know why this is, possibly because the homes are less visible than the homes on the outskirts. Almost all burglars are male, with numbers boiling down to about 95 percent . Also most robberies happen in the South, 47 percent of burglaries happen there. 21 percent of them happen in the Midwest, 21 percent of t

OBX Rentals Employees Love To Regale Clients With Boring Stories, Facts, and Figures

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The brave men and women who rent OBX rentals in Corolla NC rentals facilities love to regale their customers, their friends, and their family members with facts and figures about OBX rentals and other scuba related subjects.

“For example,” the brave men and women who rent OBX rentals in Corolla NC and other Nags Head vacation rentals shops begin their stories, “did you know that that the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse which is located about several hundred miles from our little shop here, that we built with our own two hands, is the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States of America? It’s true! It’s more than 208 feet tall, which is much taller than our little OBX rentals shop here!”

The customers often nod their heads when they hear these details. They simply do not care about anything except the price o

Are French Patio Doors Safer than Sliding Glass Doors?

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French patio doors are extremely stylish. They give your home and patio a continental feel and establish a European sense of style in the decor of your house. This will be extremely impressive to your friends and family, and it can be accomplished without a large monetary investment on your part.

French patio doors make it easy to move between the interior and exterior of your home. This is especially true when you are carrying a tray full of food from the kitchen to the deck. French patio doors are more cost effective than sliding glass doors, and they do not have the same dangers associated with them. For example, children can sometimes mistake a closed glass door for an open doorway, and will run right into it, thus sustaining injuries, sometimes of a dangerous or life threatening sort. This kind of t